Concrete Driveways Are Best for Warm Climates Like Texas

I’m from Texas.  Concrete driveways are the most popular type of driveways around this neck of the wood.  When my husband and I bought a getaway vacation house in Tennessee, it only had a concrete driveway.  We didn’t want to risk our car getting chewed up by the loose gravel, so we decided to have it paved.  That’s when we learned that concrete driveways aren’t as popular in some other states as they are in Texas.  We were presented with an asphalt option.  I found out that asphalt is ideal for cold weather climates.  It is smooth and can be constructed to look really nice too.  The best advantages of asphalt driveways is that they hold up great when the ground freezes and aren’t as slick when it ices and snows.  When they do need repairing, patches are inexpensive and easy to apply.  Furthermore, it was already fall and we wanted our driveway laid before winter.  That wasn’t very practical for a concrete driveway, but cold weather asphalt paving would allow it to be constructed right away.  Ironically, our Texas driveway really needed to be redone, so we hired the concrete experts from to get both concrete driveways resurfaced.  We chose cement for Texas and we quite happy with their extensive list of previous clients and experience.  When the projects were completed, it was funny but we didn’t really have a favorite.  The concrete driveway was the perfect choice for our Texas house while asphalt was the best pick for Tennessee.  We are ecstatic with both of our driveways and know we made the best choices, given the factors involved.