Concrete Driveways Are Best for Warm Climates Like Texas

I’m from Texas.  Concrete driveways are the most popular type of driveways around this neck of the wood.  When my husband and I bought a getaway vacation house in Tennessee, it only had a concrete driveway.  We didn’t want to risk our car getting chewed up by the loose gravel, so we decided to have it paved.  That’s when we learned that concrete driveways aren’t as popular in some other states as they are in Texas.  We were presented with an asphalt option.  I found out that asphalt is ideal for cold weather climates.  It is smooth and can be constructed to look really nice too.  The best advantages of asphalt driveways is that they hold up great when the ground freezes and aren’t as slick when it ices and snows.  When they do need repairing, patches are inexpensive and easy to apply.  Furthermore, it was already fall and we wanted our driveway laid before winter.  That wasn’t very practical for a concrete driveway, but cold weather asphalt paving would allow it to be constructed right away.  Ironically, our Texas driveway really needed to be redone, so we hired the concrete experts from to get both concrete driveways resurfaced.  We chose cement for Texas and we quite happy with their extensive list of previous clients and experience.  When the projects were completed, it was funny but we didn’t really have a favorite.  The concrete driveway was the perfect choice for our Texas house while asphalt was the best pick for Tennessee.  We are ecstatic with both of our driveways and know we made the best choices, given the factors involved.

Break Concrete

How Do Properly Break Concrete?

If you are somebody who is thinking of removing any concrete slabs or even patio, you have come to the right place. Well, in this guide, I am going to be talking all about concrete and how some deep cracks could be a whole problem. It could actually be a lot of trouble, because people might trip. You should make sure that the problem is addressed before it starts flicking away in large quantities. If it is already flicking away, it is probably time that you get rid of it and replace it. You should demolish concrete that is flicking away. Demolishing it may actually seem like a very expensive and daunting task, but it completely depends on the thickness and the size of the concrete. You may actually be able to do the entire project on your own.

daunting task

According to a lot of professionals, the cost of having con Create professionally removed is actually based on its size and the material is that it actually contains. It is very important to keep in mind that the prices can completely depend on whether the concrete slab is properly reinforced or not. If it is not reinforced, you can expect it to be between $300 and $500. If it is reinforced, you can expect to pay between $500-$800. You may actually end up saving almost $800 by removing the entire concrete slab on your own.

If your slab is less than 4 inches thick, you can actually remove it with the instructions that I will give you. Anything more than 4 inches will actually require some power tools that you may have to purchase. It may require some experience as well, but you can learn whatever you need from a YouTube video. If you’re concrete is reinforced, it can be handled by bolt cutters, but anything ticket will actually require a power tool which requires electricity. You can find out if your contract is breaking off in the edge.

safety glasses

The tools you will need or a shovel, pry bar, bolt cutters and a wheelbarrow. You may also need some additional materials like plastic sheets, safety glasses, dust masks, gloves, hearing protection, et cetera.

Before you go ahead and begin, you will actually have to make sure that you have a plan for the removal of the concrete debris, which will be all around the place in just a couple of hours.

Make sure that you know what kind of concrete it is. You should create a void under the concrete and then start hammering on it. After the hammering is done, you will be able to pull it apart and remove the broken pieces of concrete. If you are having a tough time deciding what to do with the debris, you can actually dispose of it in a safe way.

Concrete Removal

Some Information About Concrete Removal

I’m going to be discussing the kinds of tools that you will need to break concrete up. You will need some very specific tools if you want to break the concrete on any given property. There are some basic tools that you will require for the project, which I will be talking about.

Firstly, you will require:

  • a sledgehammer is a very important tool that plays a very essential role in the entire process.
  • you will also require a pry bar
  • some bolt cutters
  • a jackhammer
  • wheelbarrow
  • a pickaxe
  • a shovel
  • some heavy-duty gloves
  • some heavy boots
  • some dust masks
  • some safety goggles
  • hearing protection
  • some plastic sheets

Concrete Removal

  1. These are some of the most basic tools that you may require when you are breaking up some concrete, wherever it is. Now that you know what exactly you will need, I will talk about the steps that you need to take. Make sure that the space underneath the concrete is in a void. You should create space underneath the slab, if you want to remove it properly. It will also absorb your blows. You should use your shovel to dig underneath the slab if possible. This process is called undermining.
  2. Secondly, you need to be using a hammer. This is a great time to lay down some plastic sheets over the entire concrete piece, so that you prevent fragments from flying here and there, away from the project site. You should start by hitting the concrete with the sledgehammer that I had mentioned above, near the edge of the slack. You need to strike from different parts of the surface, and, you need to create a lot of cracks. Make sure that you let gravity do as much work as possible.
  3. Next, if your project needs a jackhammer or even a heavy-duty breaking tool, you need to make sure that you have help from someone who knows what he’s doing. Make sure that you hold the jackhammer at a certain angle and make sure that it is pointed away from you so that you minimise any risk of getting stuck or hurt.
  4. Make sure you pull apart all of the broken pieces. Once you have broken the concrete, all the broken pieces must be put away in a particular place where you can move it properly.
  5. Next, you should start cleaning of the rubble. One of the safest and most efficient ways of removal of concrete is by putting all of the pieces together and moving it away. Make sure that it is recycled in any way possible. Recycling of destroyed concrete is essential, because it can be used in many other ways.